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2024 Line Up as of 2/6/24  

Registrations are closed

60 Mile Race Line-up:

Martin Massicotte
Jonathan Hayes
Amy Dionne

Yann Shaw

Nicolas Belanger
Guillaume Lamarre
Francois Bernatchez

Alex Gurka

35 Mile Race Line-up:

Julia Klaucke
Sally Manikian
Piper Ashley
Brianna Boisselle

Fayth Weed
Kasey McCarty
Cecile Willett

Paul Theriault

James Wheeler

Luc Gaudreau
Thomas Carroll
Nathan Berthiaume

Keven Lariviere
Melodie Beauchemin

Wyatt Marquis

Jaye Foucher

Megan Moberly

Tracy Babin

Octavie Le Sommer

Luc Fortin

Lea Allen



Dimitrios Kapoukranidis

Isabella Cottrell

Steve Babin

Jamie Nichols 

Maggie Stokes
Liz Mycock
Max Jennings











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