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The Wilderness Sled Dog Racing Association sends out a huge "Thank You" to everyone and every business that supported this event on February 5th.

The Sled Dog Races were a huge success bringing many visitors for a great day in the Moosehead Lake Area. Dogs, mushers and volunteers all braved the frigid temperatures, a mountain of snow and white out conditions throughout the day all with a smile on their faces.

It could not have happened without all the support from our awesome community business partners and the many volunteers that come from here and away!  This organization appreciates your commitment very much to this event.

The races would never happen without all of you!

Many Thanks


The Wilderness Sled Dog Racing Association

A 501c3 non-profit organization



Results from the Wilderness Sled Dog Race 2022


70 Mile Race

Place Musher Total Run Time

1Florance Shaw7:05:30

2Ashley Patterson7:28:01

3Barry Dana8:40:00

4Andrea Longchamps8:46:24

5Tristan Longchamps8:49:16

6Amy Dionne8:50:22

 Mark Roberts##################

35 Mile

1Sally Manikan3:59:29

2Mark Patterson4:25:01

3Paul Theriault4:35:42

4Steve Renner4:52:27

5Kasey McCarty4:54:11

6Brianna Boisselle5:17:37

7Tracy Babin5:31:38

8Chantelle Babin5:33:08

9Cecile Willett5:41:22

10Morgan Grant5:48:23

11Christian Hayes6:06:47

12Meagan Strout6:58:15

13Thomas Carroll8:24:22

14Tara Crossman8:34:05

xxxxGhost Rider#####################



Place Musher Total Run Time

1Jenna Lane0:22:09

2Aldean Reardon0:23:25

3Sarah Hepburn 0:27:55

4Justin Mossey0:28:50

6Maggie Stokes0:38:25

7Liz Mycock0:45:35

8Al Paradise1:05:00

DQ Allyanne Lipkvich0:35:01GOT OFF COURSE



Place Musher Total Run Time

1Jocelyn Bradbury0:19:01

2Carissa Daniels0:20:02

3Rachel Medina0:22:22

4Shayla Stevens0:23:25

DQ Nova Clifford0:17:09  GOT OFF COURSE

DQ Marie Ralff0:18:25  GOT OFF COURSE





The Wilderness race starts and finishes at Leisure Life Resort in Greenville Maine and traverses through the heart of Maine’s 100-mile wilderness area.

The 70-mile race travels on both snowmobile and non-motorized trails on Weyerhaeuser and the Appalachian Mountain Club property passing through West Branch Pond Camps at the halfway point.

The 35-mile travels on snowmobile trail with a large loop affording little to no head on passing. The 4-mile is on non-motorized trail with a large loop as well.

New this year, we will have a 4 mile sprint race for sled teams of 3-4 dogs, and 1-2 dog skijoring. The trail leads from Leisure Life and traverses over groomed, flat trails, looping back to finish at Leisure Life. The majority of the 4 miles will be private property, and not shared snowmobile trail.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers. The entry fee for sleds and skiers will be $30.00. This should be a fun run for participants, and we encourage all levels of experience to sign up!

Our support teams from Greenville Fire, Greenville PD, Greenville Public Works, Pine Tree Search and Rescue, Maine Warden Service and Maine Forest Service, Moosehead Riders and Shirley Bog Riders Snowmobile Clubs, Moosehead ATV Club and the Moosehead Chamber of Commerce.


Our many volunteers who tirelessly brave the cold temperatures to help keep the mushers safe and the whole event running smoothly.


We are so fortunate to have the whole communities support for this annual event.

Mark your calendars for February 4th, 2023!

Come see these awesome “Athletes Run Naked, Eat Raw Meat and Sleep in the Snow.”


Many Thanks to all our volunteers and the use of Private Lands held by Weyerhauser, Appalachian Mountain Club, West Branch Pond Camps, Leisure Life Resort and many small land owners as well! 

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Cheri Goodspeed at 207-695-0789

The race is organized by the Wilderness Sled Dog Racing Association, a Greenville non-profit.




We would like to thank our SPONSORS for your continued support of the Wilderness Sled Dog Races.


Thank you again for your cooperation and we hope to see you next year, February 4th, 2023.


Wilderness Sled Dog Racing Association

Skijor and 4 dog race map :

Skijoring map.JPG